Chicago: Auto Show

Date: February 18, 2017

Location: Chicago, IL

Favorite Memory: Seeing all the classic cars and Ford GT.

Spent the day at McCormick Place walking around the Chicago Auto Show with my dad today. I haven’t been to the auto show in 10 years. It was great wandering around looking at all the super cars, classics, and actually affordable cars.

The Ford GT was by far my favorite car there. At a whopping $500,000 it is the definition of a “dream car” for me.


I was obsessed with watching the Jeep test drive. The Jeeps are always so cool and make me want to drop everything and just find some rough terrain to ride through.


There was a cool section with all these random vintage and specialty cars from Klairmont Kollections. Check out the roof on the purple car! It’s called a Beatnik Bubbletop.


I’ve always had a soft spot for Lotus.


Classics! The black Buick (side profile) makes me think Dick Tracy could jump out at any moment and start chasing down one of Big Boy’s henchmen.


A random mix of some favorites from the show. Matte finish seemed to be a thing this year. The green Mercedes showcases that style.


Super bizarre concept car by Infiniti. Look at that grill!


Nissan is getting in on the Star Wars hotness. You can see BB-8 nested on top of the black “X-Wing” Nissan. There was also a photo op with a Stormtrooper.


I could have used one of these a few times this Winter.


Seems like a lot of the displays had some sort of racing game where you sat in some big contraption or used virtual reality.


Pretty fun day. If you are on the fence about going to the auto show I would tell you to check it out!

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