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SANTA BARBARA, CA: Expectations

I have never been to California, but it seems to be a state that everyone falls in love with. There seems to be this beach vibe, where no one has a care in the world. I’m looking forward to taking in the beach vibes and exploring.

One thing my mom and I both enjoy is looking for sea glass on beaches. Allegedly there is a great beach for sea glass hunting near Santa Barbara, CA called Arroyo Burro Beach County Park. So that’s the destination and the goal of the trip, aside from just relaxing and taking in the fresh ocean air.

Getting There

Finding a flight wasn’t a problem. Finding an affordable flight to Santa Barbara was. To fly into Santa Barbara was about $600 and more than I had wanted to spend. So this trip is going to be a mini road trip. We are going to fly into Los Angeles airport (LAX) ($200 ticket), rent a car, and head on up to Santa Barbara.


The nice thing about California being so popular is that you can always ask co-workers and friends for recommendations because odds are they have been there. I had some co-workers who recommended restaurants and sites. The rest of the sites I had found through some Googling and TripAdvisor searching. We will probably spend most of the time on the beach though!


I’m hoping for decent weather and nothing outrageously hot. I’m from the Midwest and don’t do well in 90 degree weather. It should be in the 80s-70s when we are there. Fingers crossed that doesn’t change.


We are renting a car to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to Santa Barbara. It seems like most the places we are going to in Santa Barbara won’t give us any trouble finding parking.


I’m thinking there will be a lot of seafood and fresh farm-to-table type foods. We plan to check out a place called Rori’s that specializes in inventive ice cream…so lots of ice cream as well 🙂



Stay tuned to see what the reality of my trip was!

Happy Travels,


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