SANTA BARBARA, CA: Moreton Bay Fig Tree

SANTA BARBARA, CA: Moreton Bay Fig Tree

  • Location: Moreton Bay Fig Tree
  • Address: Chapala St & Montecito Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
  • Cost: Free!

When I was planning this trip and saw visiting a random tree by some train tracks was a top attraction, I thought Santa Barbara was hard up for things to offer visitors. This attraction is free and walking distance so I thought why not and threw it on my list of things to see while there.

I’m glad I did! This tree is an official historic landmark, the largest Ficus macrophylla in the United States, and over 140 years old! For those who live in the States if something 100+ years old it’s sort of a big deal and this tree was one and a half times that. Experiencing the shear size of the canopy and the root system was amazing. This offered great photo and sketch opportunities (especially if you take nature shots as references to draw or paint after your trip) and I hope you check it out as well!

Getting There

This landmark shows up in a Google maps search, which makes it pretty easy to find. Just type in your search “Moreton Bay Fig Tree” and it’ll show up as being next to the Santa Barbara Amtrak. If you are heading from the beach it’s a short 10 minute walk to the tree.

Map of the 10 minutes walk in Santa Barbara to the Moreton Bay Fig Tree.
Short 10 minute walk to the tree


It might seem sort of weird at first since you’ll be coming up on a parking lot with this giant, looming tree in the distance. Just keep going though. I promise it will be cool once you get under the tree and really experience its size first hand.

One of the biggest fig trees you will see
The largest Ficus macrophylla in the United States


  1. Head to the Moreton Bay Fig Tree through the Funk Zone so you can scope out some restaurants, galleries, and boutiques to check out later.
  2. This free landmark won’t take long to see – budget about 30 minutes for walking there and taking photos.
  3. Be aware this is located near the Santa Barbara Amtrak and the Greyhound depot so there most likely will be some parked cars in your shot when capturing the whole tree.

Happy travels,


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