Laura's Rambles - Havana, Cuba - Traveler's Notebook

HAVANA, CUBA: Traveler’s Notebook

Traveler’s Notebook – Cuba

One way or another I’ve always kept a journal of some sort while on vacation. There’s something about being able to read through it years later and reminiscence about my travel adventures, from the food to the ridiculous antics that took place. Then perusing my travel photos would be a separate thing entirely since I wasn’t sure how to connect both my journal and photos into one memory book. I didn’t want to scrapbook a whole thing when I came home. I wanted to write about my travels while I was out on the road, in the moment, and everything was fresh in my mind.


After decades, I finally learned about a Traveler’s Notebook and everything changed. A Traveler’s Notebook, or TN, can be used for anything, it’s really a blank canvas. Some people use them for planners or sketchbooks. When I saw examples of traveler’s notebooks where people pasted trinkets and photos alongside stories, I knew this was the answer to my problem!


Havana, Cuba was the first time that I took a TN with me on vacation. Every night I wrote down what I did that day, pasted in memorabilia, and blocked out space for photos to be pasted in once I was home. This is something that I can take out in 10 years, open up, flip through my vacation stories and photos like I’m experiencing it all over again. I can’t wait to take another TN with me on my next adventure!

Enjoy the video below where I flip through my Cuba TN.

Do you have a Traveler’s Notebook or use a different way to keep all your memories in one place? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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