Do you document your travels? If you are an artsy traveler like me you might be wondering how to take your vacation memorabilia and turn it into a memory book of some sort. Enter the travel journal!

Here are some techniques I used for my California travel journal:

TIP 1 – Add Pockets: Sometimes you’ll collect memorabilia that can’t really be taped down or you don’t want to tape it down. That’s when I recommend adding pockets to your pages for storage. You can see below I placed some arcade and admission tickets in a small pocket. I made larger pockets for holding museum maps.

TIP 2 – Admission Stickers: You can add your admission sticker to your journal. I always put the intricate admission stickers that include the museum name in my journal. Below you can see the blue H in the upper right corner, which is the The Huntington’s admission sticker.

The Huntington Admission Ticket
The Huntington Admission Ticket

TIP 3 – Map Accordion: I recommend always taking a site’s guide map for memory keeping. They are typically pretty large, but you can trim and fold them so gluing down only one side allows it to fold out like an accordion. Below you can see how I used that treatment for the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden map.

TIP 4 – Tickets and Passes: If you are going to an amusement park or an arcade, keep your passes and paper tickets!

Pacific Park ride pass and arcade tickets
Pacific Park ride pass and arcade tickets

TIP 5 – Bookmarks: Most the time book stores will give you a free bookmark with your purchase. These often have the book store name on it. Keep it and glue it in your journal like I did for Chaucer’s Books below.

Bookmark from Chaucer's Books
Bookmark from Chaucer’s Books

TIP 6 – Fast Food Bag: Keep your fast food bag clean (or ask for an extra) so you can cut it up and put it in your journal. I did that after going to In-N-Out Burger.

Using an In-n-Out Burger bag
Using an In-N-Out Burger bag

If you are interested it seeing a full flip through of my California Travel Journal you can check that out here.

How do you all keep memories from your travels? If you keep travel journals are there any tips or techniques you’d recommend? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Keep traveling and creating,


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Travel Journal Tips - California Edition

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