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SHOW NOTES: Halloween Rambling

SHOW NOTES: Halloween Rambling

  • Episode: Halloween Rambling
  • Date released: 10/22/2021
  • Guest: Joe, the creator of @wallacethewhale on Instagram
  • Overview: Join Laura and her guest Joe, creator of Wallace the Whale, ramble about all things Halloween. They discuss their Halloween traditions, favorite scary movies and books, what scares them, and best Halloween memories and costumes.

Thank you for listening to this Halloween episode of Laura’s Rambles. If you were unfamiliar with some of the references on the show, below will provide your curious minds with more information. If you still haven’t listened, check out the episode below or on Spotify.

For the curious:

  • My guest, Joe, is from Detroit and told us a little about the area’s sideways tradition, Devil’s Night.
  • Devil’s Night is the catalyst that starts off the 1994 film, The Crow.
  • The Crow has influenced more of our American culture than you might realize, just look at the popular 90s wrestler Sting. I had always mixed up Sting with another wrestler called The Undertaker, whose manager is Paul Bearer…very clever.
  • When diving into books that scared us or discuss fear here’s what kept us up at night:
    • You by Caroline Kepnes – a story of stalking told from the stalker’s perspective
    • At the Mountains of Madness by H. P. Lovecraft – a book of four short stories with monsters, witches, and more
    • Pet Sematary by Stephen King – a story of pets (and others…) that should stay dead
    • The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker – learn why we have the emotion fear and how it saves our lives
  • While discussing Halloween decorations I bring up a mist ghost found in Bob’s Burgers season 9 episode 4 “Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street”.

My Cat’s Costumes + Halloween Craft

And now the moment we were all waiting for…*drum roll* my cat’s Halloween costumes!

Apologies for not dredging up my embarrassing Halloween costumes from “the archives” aka the photo albums buried deep within my closet. If you were born in the late 80s you know there was that one year with Spice Girls running all over the neighborhood. I was one of the Posh Spices.

Happy listening,


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Laura's Rambles Podcast - Ep01 - Halloween Rambling
Laura’s Rambles Podcast – Ep01 – Halloween Rambling


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