Creative Travelogue: The Mandalorian

I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.

Mando, The Mandalorian, Season 1: Chapter 1

In honor of The Mandalorian Season 3 airing yesterday I thought a Creative Travelogue starring one of my favorite duos was fitting. Who doesn’t like this show…really tell me?! I feel everyone enjoys this space bounty hunter and his baby Jedi side kick. There’s a reason the “Dadalorian” memes and fan art have taken over the internet in recent years. It’s a heartwarming found family tale of two unlikely partners with a hint of space and a pinch of action.

If for some reason you haven’t watched this show I highly recommend it. You don’t need to know all the Star Wars lore to enjoy it – I certainly don’t know all the lore.

Stop touching things.

Mando, The Mandalorian, Season 1: Chapter 4

This duo has inspired some personal fan art:

Aurebesh "This is the Way" and "Mudhorn". Felt mudhorn signet within an embroidery hoop.

Yes, I looked up the Star Wars language, Aurebesh, so I could embroider “This is the Way + Mudhorn” alongside a felt Mudhorn signet.

Grogu (baby yoda) holding his cup of broth. Created from felt, fabric, and chalk.

This hoop was a real challenge. I used felt for a majority of it, but wanted Grogu’s clothes to look more flowy. I ended up using some tan cloth I had, but it was difficult to get the material flowing how I wanted. The hoop was complete once I added in some pink chalk to his inner ears.

Crochet (amigurumi) Mandalorian and Grogu in his pram.

For this crochet duo I followed along with an official Mandalorian and Grogu pattern. It’s actually a full pattern book of Mandalorian characters so I might be creating a Mudhorn and Ahsoka soon!

What is a Creative Travelogue?

All of us are travelers whether it’s in real life or to fictional places through books, movies, shows, or games. A Creative Travelogue is when you are so wrapped up in a place you went in real life or through media that you create artwork for it. This is an excellent way to revisit that place, keep your experiences alive, and be creative in the process.

Happy travels and stay creative,


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