Creative Travelogue: January ’23 Movie Illustrations

End of line.

Tron, Master Control Program

Way back when (I think last year) I was watching Seinfeld and realized most the episodes revolve around a few key objects and wouldn’t it be fun to create a little illustration for each episode of that object. I still plan on doing this for Seinfeld, but I started making thumbnails for the movies we watch each month. Joe and I will alternate choosing movie themes for each month, then we’ll alternate picking the movie for that week’s movie night in honor of the theme. Confused? Let’s use January as an example – Joe chose “Infinity” as the theme. We alternated movie picks until by the end of the month we watched – Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Ready Player One, Cloud Atlas, and Tron from 1982. It was a really good month for movies, unlike some *cough* December *cough*.

I was pleasantly surprised by some of these movies. Want to hear how shocked I was to like Cloud Atlas or what I thought the bagel from EEAAO meant? Check out the Laura’s Rambles episode where Joe and I talk about each of the movies we watch. Now back to the illustrations!

Illustrations for Movies - Dr Strange and the multiverse of madness, everything everywhere all at once, ready player one, cloud atlas, and original tron.
  • For Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness obviously I had to go with an illustration of the Darkhold. I also used a lot of reds and purples in the background for the Scarlet Witch.
  • For the Everything Everywhere All at Once illustration I was tempted to draw the rocks with googly eyes, but the bagel seemed to be more representative of the movie.
  • Ready Player One was all about collecting those keys!
  • Cloud Atlas was a little harder since it revolved around less objects and more so abstract concepts like the connections between souls over time. I could have done a piano for the Sextet or a tooth for that crazy Tom Hanks character who was just pulling teeth out of people. After some Googling I ended up remembering there was that cool statue of their deity, Sonmi, so that’s what I went with.
  • Lastly we watched the original Tron, which was a wild ride. I went with low hanging fruit and drew the climax of the movie where Tron takes out Master Control Program. End of line for MCP.

I think I’ll stick with these movie thumbnails this year. It was really fun making these illustrations and I love the idea of having our movies documented like this.

What good movies have you watched? Any movies you would have recommended for Infinity month? Have you created any movie illustrations like this before? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

What is a Creative Travelogue?

All of us are travelers whether it’s in real life or to fictional places through books, movies, shows, or games. A Creative Travelogue is when you are so wrapped up in a place you went in real life or through media that you create artwork for it. This is an excellent way to revisit that place, keep your experiences alive, and be creative in the process.

Happy travels and stay creative,


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