Route 66 road map Illinois

ROUTE 66, USA: Expectations

It’s my dream to one day drive the full Route 66. Until that happens I’ll settle for driving just some of it. Chicago is where the famous route begins, which conveniently is in my backyard. Just outside the Art Institute of Chicago you can hop on the beginning stretch of Route 66 and take it to Santa Monica, California. This weekend I’ll settle for taking Route 66 through Wilmington, IL and ending up in Atlanta, IL. Who else knew there was an Atlanta, IL?

Getting There

I’ll be cruising down the highway in my little Ford Focus. Is there really another way to travel Route 66, except with the windows rolled down, classic rock on the radio, and the wind blowing through your hair? I don’t think it’s authentically exploring Route 66 unless you are in a car or traveling by motorcycle.


I imagine there will be many kitschy stops along the way.  I’m thinking this will be like National Lampoon’s Vacation.


All American food served in ma and pa diners.

I’m looking forward to writing about the reality of the adventure when I am back!

Happy Travels,



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